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You need music

for an upcoming project?

I would be very pleased to help!

Composing music for:
Movies, trailer, theatre, games, adverts, bands, solo, (…)

Whatever comes up in the meetings!

– Individual pieces
– Music „Ready-to-use“
– Mockup music
– Sheet music
– Small recordings
– Big recordings (outsourced)
– Library Music


mail | leo.brennauer (at)
phone | +49 171 956 2133
based | swiss & germany

All Videocontent above is only for Demo-Use | Music © leobrennauer | Film © Original

– Neumann KH 80 DSP
– Neumann KH 750 DSP (Sub)
– Apollo Twin USB
– Rode K2 Studio Microphone
– Windows PC (BeQuiet Housing, Asus Mainboard, Intel i7 6-core, 32gb RAM, SSDs)
– Asus and HP Displays
– iCON Platform M+
– PreSonus ATOM Controller
– AKG K712
– Shure SM58
– EV Dynamic Microphone
– Quickmill espresso coffee machine 😉

– Cubase 9.5 PRO
– Sibelius Ultimate
– Sonarworks Reference 4

– Spitfire Symphonic Strings
– Spitfire Albion One
– Native Instruments 11 Ultimate
– NI Middle East
– Ethno World 6 Instruments
– VSL Special Edition 1

– FabFilter pro Q3
– Izotope ozone 8
– Valhalla Room
– Virtual Sound Stage 2.0 PRO
– Blackhole Reverb (Eventide)

– Yamaha P515
– Acoustic Guitar
– Epiphone electric guitar
– Conga
– Cajon
– Tenor/Alto Recorder
– Melodica
– Percussions
– A lot of small world instruments

Altlandkreis 2019

*Altlandkreis is a local journal based in the southern part
of bavaria/germany. The article is written in german.

„Hollywood wäre mein größter Traum“

Peiting | Für Leo Brennauer beginnt Mitte September ein neuer Lebensabschnitt.
Er zieht von Peiting nach Zürich, wo er die kommenden drei Jahre an der Hochschule
der Künste einen äußerst seltenen Studienplatz antreten wird: Bachelor in (…)

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Leo Brennauer, born 1994 is a musician/composer and producer from Peiting (Germany).

He started out his musical career on the flute and played the soprano and alto flute for seven years. As he started playing drums on vases in his mother’s flower shop, it was clear to get him a drum-set and a teacher. He started his drum lessons on age of ten years and one year later, began to get piano lessons.

In the same year, Leo got his jump into the brass-orchestra of peiting. He started in the young group but moved to the older and more professional players only one year later. Being in his first  rockband with 14 years, was the start of several music projects following. In this age, he played in symphonic orchestras, for theater, on birthdays, weddings and school-concerts.

In 2011 he went to the New Mexico State University (US), for getting three months of drum & piano education. Back in Germany, he joined an old rockband called “Cabron” as a drummer as well as a Church-Ensemble, playing Cajon. As he got more views on the first piano-covers he uploaded on YouTube, he started out recording own medleys and piano-singing colabs which got about 50k views. This also led him to write on music for YouTube. Playing drums in a jazz-project called “EinfachZamDo”, Leo won the “Fürther Jazzpreis” in 2014. In the same year he joined a young cover-band called “Monument of sun” which dissolved one year later.

This was the starting point for a very fruitfully project of him and four friends. They started writing music with Bavarian text – from pop to hiphop, ska to ballade and disco to funk. The Band “RIGOROS” hit currently 1.0mio on Spotify and plays 30-40 shows a year including TV & Support-Acts. They also got a single-sign with universal.

Doing a three years apprenticeship selling in a music store as well as recording and composing several months in studios – headed him towards technical-knowledge about computing, recording and hardware. Leo was always very interested in technic, built his first computers by himself and spend several weeks on improving his systems.

2017 made a change to Leo. He decided to go the professional-music-way and applied for the “Berufsfachschule für Musik – Krumbach”. Beeing the only drummer taken out of 12, really got him motivated. Being a hobby-filmmaker for the last four years – filming for band, a travel-agency, music shop and several other projects – made him write his first pieces for film.

In April 2019, Leo achieved the entrace examination for the ZHdK, where he studies filmscoring (Bachelor) til June 2022.


mail | leo.brennauer (at)

phone | +49 171 956 2133

based | swiss & germany